If you are to be valued in the market place, how much would you fetch. It looks like a crazy question but lets face it. How many people think that you are of value? Do you agree with their evaluation? What motivates your day? Is it fulfilling your purpose or trying to proof yourself by fulfilling their conditions? Men will always try to buy you or from you cheap. And that is a fact.

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Have you tried to buy something and the seller prices it based on how you look and dressed? I know a friend of mine who dresses cheap to go to the open market for shopping lest she gets overcharged. An that is the problem. You travel somewhere for a visit and you are quickly judged by your looks. The next thing, you are anonymously nominated chief guest for a fund drive.

All this is okay until when you have to borrow money or choke up your budget to look the part and impress. Lets face it. After the drive, there still some who will feel you gave too little, your speech was too long, too short etc. A few day later, you are forgotten and people have move on. But you, you have gaps to fill and maybe debts to pay. And that is a fact. That’s is one example amongst many like bosses we want to impress sacrificing family time or a peer group we must fulfil certain conditions like alcohol drugs and sex to be accepted. The list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong. Am not against support and helping others. Far from it. But it should never be about keeping your image but lather from your heart. Help people because you want. Its a desire coming from inside you. I call that love.

Come out from “what are they going to say if i don’t”. You should value yourself enough to say no, no matter what everyone thinks. That’s freedom. Coercion that threatens your self image and “others opinion” about you is bondage.

Note, after doing it and you didn’t get enough thank you to merit what you did, you will feel used. But If it came from your heart, their opinions won’t matter. You will feel great about it.

The vendor tags the price and not the buyer. Don’t open yourself to public valuation. If the don’t want, Keep until the value is worth it. In the meantime discover your contributions to man kind, improve yourself and aim high not forgetting to pray for direction and guidance. Soon enough someone will notice it ready to pay at your price. And that is a fact.



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