I was 9 years and at school ready to go home. I remember i had reserved two packets of free (Maziwa ya Nyayo) Milk as part of my lunch to take it with ugali at home. In many occasions i would walk home alone (a story for another day) which was around a Kilometer and a half away.

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A short distant from school. A senior boy caught up with me and chatted with me which was uncommon because of our age difference. It felt great having someone to walk and talk with. I let my guard down un aware of what is going to happen next. Halfway through the distance, he started walking a bit fast. I had a little problem catching up with him. Showing concern he offered to help offload me off what was dragging back… my two packets of milk. I knew him well, We were both heading the same direction and he seamed friendly which was hard to come by…i willingly surrendered.

Immediately he started jogging. i could keep up with him but his pace increased ever gradually making it difficult to keep up. I called on him to stop when i realized am at the end of my speed but for him, he had much more to give…

I watched helplessly as the boy faded at the distance. I stood there helpless panting and gasping for breath. I have never felt such pain as a child. Tears of betrayal trickled down my cheeks…I trusted him, i thought he was helping, i thought amidst the gap, the rejection, the loneliness, someone cared only to find out how vulnerable i was to hurt and exportation. He was stronger, wittier and faster. What chance did i stand?

I asked him the next day why he did what he did. He laughed it off “Milk is free for all and should be taken within school compound”. Being way bigger than me, i could not have done much but something broke inside of me…Trust. It took me along time with God’s help to repair that.

Just two packets of free milk, Yes but they meant a lot to me. It was more about the act other than the value of milk. What may look cheap and “not a big deal” to you may mean everything to someone else.

I still remember him (Irungu was his name) but i cant remember what i ate ugali with that day.

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