Working with your spouse in the same office can be a complicated affair. This may be the reason why many companies do not encourage office romance.  Imagine if you are answerable to your spouse, nobody will believe that he is fair. In fact, all the people who are answerable to him will claim that you are receiving preferential treatment because of your status.

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If there is an issue at work, you may end up carrying it home. If your spouse sided with a colleague, you may get offended. Sometimes the atmosphere at work may be transferred home or vice versa. How do you work together when you cannot see eye to eye at home? The tension can become so thick that people avoid working with both of you.

To avoid disputes, one of you can ask for a transfer so that you work in a different department. The distance will reduce all the friction in the office. But to survive such a situation, you need to be confident in your ability. This is because every time you are praised, people will somehow want to make it look as if it’s biased. You need to know your worth and not let anyone intimidate you just because you are in the same office as your spouse. This is especially true if your spouse is in a senior management position.

Another thing to do is to avoid run-ins with the other coworkers. You need to have such a high level of discipline to avoid being on anyone’s radar. It will not be easy to maintain friendships with others in the office, but you have to make friends. You cannot depend on your spouse as your only friend.

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